Friday, September 23, 2011

Day 258, 365 days of 2011

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Happy Friday Dingleberries.  This is my attempt to stay caught up and make tomorrow or Sunday as painless as possible. Don't take that the wrong way, there is no guarantee I will blog tomorrow or Sunday. But one can hope?  Right?
Today has gone smoothly so far. I'm not hating on the hair quite as much as yesterday. Pokey gave me a terribly hard time whenever possible yesterday and only after discipline did she calm down and relax.  Ahhh. 
Tonight appears to be a date night for me and New Guy. I'm really excited about this, because although I love parties with my friends, it's been a month or longer since we've had time to sit and relax, have a dinner and watch a movie. We're hoping for all of these things to go down tonight.  Dressing up and going out on the town for a bit should be a lot of fun.  I'm excited for this!  Now what to watch? I'm thinking the cheap side of me is  going to pull rank and end up at a dollar theatre somewhere locally. I'm hopeful, because I can't stand the idea of pissing away a lot of money on an expensive movie when we are in the midst of trying to save money so that we can move.
Did I tell you Dingleberries, we were accepted for our apartment and have a move in date of Nov. 1st?  Well we do and it's AWESOME!
So with that I leave you Dingleberries. I've plenty of catching up to do with my reading blogs as well as my book. I'm hating the new facebook so I'm keeping my distance. It's a sad day when facebook breaks my addiction to facebook.  ::grumbles::
Have an awesome weekend if I don't hear from you!

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