Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 264, 365 days of 2011

Thursday, September 29th, 2011
Happy Thursday Dingleberries, for those of you that hasn't done so, move on over and check out this weeks Monkey Butt post! Speaking of Monkey Butts,  I haven't seen Mr Monkey Butt in days.  It's really quite frustrating.  If only it were a time in which I was overflowing with money. I wouldn't have to wait to move and life wouldn't have to be....  annoying.  I guess it's trials like this that make you strong, make you grow and change things for the best. Tomorrow is Friday and although it's going to be a terrible long weekend with an agenda overflowing with things that simply have to be done. It should all be good.
The television is playing a movie called "Australia" and I've never watched this movie before, but I'm discovering it isn't the flick I would pick to watch. I enjoy a good romance movie from time to time, but I prefer lighter movies, like comedies or action movies. This stuff is filled with sad stuff and bad things.  Awfulness I tell you. There is a sweet little boy and a hawt guy I guess. Not that it makes it any better though!
 Ugh I'm wrapping this up, I must sleep.  Hope everything was awesome for you Dingleberries.  I will catch up with you tomorrow. Oh wait, this may be a weekend that I'm completely AWOL!

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