Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dream the bad away,

It’s unfair that I’m here and you’re there. It’s unfair my life is where I am. In this place where life is so bad; where nothing is free.  Here where those in charge just violate our lives.  Violate our freedom and rights.  The weak suffer while the strong take theirs.  This place is cruel. This place is evil.  This world jaded. The wars reek their wickedness into our homes where our children are safe.  The gun fire, the smoke rising. Innocent fall to their knees and cry aloud.  “Take off this veil of evil! Make this world a better place!”  


  1. Is this your first 100 words blog post? I like it, you should do it more ofetn :)

  2. This is actually my 3rd (?) 100 words post :) Thank you though!


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