Monday, September 26, 2011

Day 261, 365 days of 2011

Tuesday, September 26th, 2011
Ahhhh Monday.  How I just effn enjoy you.  Today wasn't busy, not that I'm complaining about that!  I managed to keep myself occupied though.  There isn't too much to say today!  But I will show a few more pics with a few words to go with them!  How's that sound. Different for today I guess!  Let me say I did have a strange dream  nightmare last night. I've gone back and forth with the ideas of buying houses, having more kids and marching down a walkway wearing a whiteish colored dress. Odd I know!  Totally not something I could have thought myself to think.  But my strange dream was along the lines of child birth... Kinda.  It was really a nightmare. Some unknown person just straight walked up to me, pulled out a knife and just cut me from side to side.  (I've had a c-section and No I'm not expecting any bundles of joy)  It was a strange nightmare and woke me from the sleep.  Glad for that.  That awfulness being shared, let me share some more!
Oh bother a flat tire. Well not all the way flat but flat enough to make the brain baby ache.  The tire store FINALLY found the hole in the tire, making it leak, slowly.  It's been at  it for months if Ive got my dates right.  Tire pulled, the proceed to tell me I need brakes.  You're right dude, I do need a break!  Stop telling me bad shit!  Kbyethanks!
Now let me share something lovely?  Nice way to end an awful post like this one!
Pokey is totally diggin the guitar!  It's missing a few strings, which I have every intention of replacing. This guitar has been sitting in the corner of our room for months, since we moved in and she drug it out last night. I was curious earlier she was strumming it while holding it left handed.  Thought she might be a lefty on guitar but after sitting down with her and giving her a few pointers on holding and strumming she announced.  That's weird Mom, I'm not left handed!  I recorded a video of her playing.  Lovely night all in all. Saw my "Mr Only Guy For Me" tonight and I'm so happy I did! 
The day ended well. Have an awesome tomorrow Dingleberries!


  1. Hey, it could be worse... And Pokey is very cute with the guitar.

  2. Thanks Starlight and you're right, it could always be worse!!!

    Bea, I thought the same thing. Ugh! :)


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