Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Days 255 and 256, 365 days of 2011

Tuesday,  September 20th, 2011
OoOoOoOo There shouldn't be two Mondays in one week!  Ugh it was another Monday today. Busy as everything and non stop at that!  Werd?

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011
Well I've heard all I can hear or read today in regards to this Troy Davis thing. I've no idea really and I'm choosing to just keep myself out of this one. It's making me nuts the hissy fits everyone is getting into over it. World hunger and war and we're worried about shit that is out of our control. Oh that's right, we are not in control, with anything.  So why bother?!  hahahah
Today was another busy day. I was late for work due to a doctor appointment, no worries all is well. No sickness just the checkup.  I'm glad its over with and can get back to everything else with that thing out of the way. Phew!
So now I'm staying away from facebook conversations and changes.  REM is breaking up now and someone is dying tonight. It's a strange world we are living in today, oh way.  There's nothing new there, but I'm shocked that REM is breaking up. Sad sad times!
GOodnight DIngleberries.  I hope your days are great!

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