Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Do you think I should trust her?

I found amazement in myself these past hours.
I found myself lost in the darkness seeking the person I once knew.
The person who could only say "Eff You". 
The one who could walk away and just not give a shit.
 I missed her most of all yesterday as a strange realization and fear struck home and shook the naive innocent me into something sad. 
I didn't want fear, I didn't want stress.
I didn't want love.
I'm amazed, simply because I made it through. 
That I came out victorious and the myself I thought I wanted to run hand in hand with,
she is now a part of me that I know no matter how hard I try to lock her away,
she is always a part of me and I need her. 
I need her to keep me...
I can keep on loving!
 She says it is OK!

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