Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 262, 365 days of 2011

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Happy Tuesday Dingleberries.  Nothing much to say about today, I guess.  Dreaded Pokey going to the dentist today.  GAH!  Luckily she has no cavities this time and she has to go back in November for some other stuff they do.  Coating her teeth in something to protect them. I'm totally drawing a blank as to what it is called. 

I'm actually quite proud  of myself for doing so well with my postings this week.  It seems easier to get it all done and it's not as overwhelming as playing catch up. Lovely isn't it?  Plus I'm on a roll with other random postings as well.  Still at a loss on what to call my Friday posts, but I'm thinking Funtastic Friday Photos. Nothing to creative, yet simple and fun.  You know I like fun stuff!

Mr. Monkey Butt (yep I went with that one) worked late today, so unfortunately I wasn't able to see him.  That sucks big ones! But what can one do?  Piss and moan like a premenstrual teenager?  I do that all the time anyway! Why should I add something else to piss and moan about?  I'm hopeful there will be a day this week that we will be able to hang out again.  It saddens me that November can't get here fast enough.  Odd for me to say that being as no matter what the week or times are like, I never wish time to go by faster. That's just a no no for me. Let's not speed time up, let's slow it down.   Am I right or am I right?  Right!  Thought so! 

So  there you have it folks, my random thoughts for tonight.  No more dentist until November, pfew. Let me end this with some of my daughters awesome art work. I should share some with Mynx being as she is  the artist of my blogging friends. Enough of my babbles, here you go!

Yes you are seeing this right.  This just so happens to be my head rest and my car door... Awesome!  Note to self:  Don't leave markers, crayons, pens or pencils anywhere near the car.  My darlin Pokey will take it upon herself to show me exactly how much she loves me.  But it's sooo lovely isn't it?  She really has mad skills I think! 

Goodnight Dingleberries. Here's to hoping I keep up the streak for tomorrow!

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