Friday, May 18, 2012

Day 134, 2012

Friday, May 18th
I'm going to have a color change (hair color that is) tonight. I'm excited, well a little.  I have not picked my color yet, though I'm getting a lot of votes for red.  Go figure.. I'm already close to a shade of red, well... not really.

So I will decide later when I hit the store for the color.  Yesss!  Just glad that it will be done later.

I need to pick up a basket for the front of my bike. We're going to take a trip up to one of the national parks in our state, never been before. It's out in Kennessaw, GA.  So it should be a bit of a road trip. It's pet friendly and old battle field apparently with some trails and all.  I'm planning on biking the trails, letting Maximus enjoy the outing as well (that's what the basket is for). He will get some walking time in as well, though no real running room, unless it's  a quiet day there.  We will see. If all fails then he can hit the doggie park on Sunday and get his run out!

We're also planning to hit the lake on Sunday with some awesome friends. I'm totally digging my new friend H. She's really super awesome and has two adorable girls for my girl to play with. She lives close and so far we seem to have a good bit in common and our personalities are similar.  No clashes as of yet!

Yay for weekends!  I'm hoping to get some posting done this weekend, ya know I'm taking next Friday through  Tuesday off next week. No postings for you then, but will do my best to post in advance!! If anyone wants to fill some space while I'm on vacation, let me know. Guest posts aren't something I've dabbled in before, but am wanting to give it a shot.  Let me know, kcdoe27 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Pokey has 3 days of school next week!  3!  We've made a deal, if she get an S or an E for her behavior at school, she can have the tall converse shoes she's been wanting. I'm hopeful she can keep it together. It's been a long time since I've been able to give her something she wants. We had a falling out with the last shoes she got. She was in the mode to treat any one and every one like shit. Miss Spoiled Rotten To The Bone got anything and everything she wanted.

Parenting is a real pain the arse!

Good Day readers,   Have an awesome Friday!!

Hang in there!


  1. Sounds like fun! I need to get Woody to the dog park tomorrow, he's been a good boy since I've been back to work and tired a lot. I owe him a day! : )

  2. I've been tired a lot as well, Max didn't make it out anymore this weekend... Po Po Max!


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