Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 127-130, 2012

Good morning dearest Dingleberries. I'm hoping everyone had a fabulous weekend and for those mommies reading, I hope Mothers Day treated you well. I had intentions of logging in last night, doing some reading, updating my days and of course wishing everyone a Happy Mom's Day. Sadly, I failed at doing so.  I did catch up on some facebooking and spent little time doing all that fun stuff. When you're away all weekend, it's easy to fall behind.  I'm sure all of us with Facebook addictions know exactly what I mean. I fall of the wagon every chance I get in regards to Facebook. What can I say... I love it!!

So it's Monday, still no sunshine, well not much anyway. It rained all day on Mom's Day and quite a bit the day before as well. So needless to say we had a very ducky weekend. I will say I'm glad it's over, because it was a hectic weekend.  Spent some very very boring hours moments fishing on Saturday. Gawd fishing is soooo boring. It was lovely to spend the time with Mama and Papa Monkey Butt though.

My daughter amazed me with her ability to bait her own hook with live bait ::pukes::. I missed my Papa dearly, haven't been fishing since we were kids and he was probably there. He loved to take us fishing, but he always baited our hooks and if we caught something he would unhook it as well.  I gave up and  stuck corn on my hook all day. I couldn't stand the thought of getting fish blood or worm guts all over me. Yuck!  Pokey didn't need much instruction, she watched it once and had it from there. That's my girl!!!

Mother's Day was as it always is, a running around the world or so it seemed.  Last year, oh how nice a year. Pokey and I were living with Mama and Papa Monkey Butt and I didn't have to go anywhere.  Ahhhh that was nice.  This year we had to run to Mom's and then of course run to the other side of the world to Mr. Monkey Butts Moms. Well we met them for dinner anyway. A pretty tasty country cooking place, love the way things seem to just fall into place. What turned into a going to their house ended up with us on the other side of town eating dinner. Not too shabby, but wow was I tired.  Still no end in sight either. Thought we would be grocery shopping as well, that cancelled real quick as Mr. Monkey Butt decided a no go on that.  Ugh I need to shop for stuff and didn't. I hate that!

Glad it's Monday. Though I'm going to have to miss Girl Scouts tonight and attend a graduation for one of my dearest girl friends.  Should be awesome to see her graduate. I missed her HS graduation, so this one is a must go!!  So proud of her!!

In other news, we may have some hope still with the property we are trying to purchase. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but we were able to see it this weekend and it's do able I think.  I'm hoping, but not too much hope. Right?  Let's hope anyway! Mama Monkey Butt will love us being that close and well Pokey is super excited to be there as much as we are.  Should be super awesome.  If it works out :)

So enough of my endless babbles, let me share this weekends pictures.  I'm such a slacker on weekends. I did post a new picture post on A Monkey Butts Photography and I had quite a few new posts on Uncelebrated Wench as well. So I'm not a complete slacker... Just sayin!

Day 127, Friday May 11th
Day 128, Saturday May 12th
Day 129, Sunday May 13th
Day 130, Monday May 14th


  1. I bet Pokey would bait your hooks for you! : )

    It was sooo busy on Saturday I was damn glad I didn't have to work yesterday. After not working for so long that 6 day week liked to kill't me even though a couple days were short days.

    Glad you had a good Mother's Day! I had to go to Walmart yesterday, all I had to eat in the freezer was brussel sprouts!

    The way I feel right now, my nickname should be Pokey, cause I'm dragon ass!

    Have a great week!

  2. Your daughter is already a better fisherman (fisherwoman?) than I am. That would be emasculating if I didn't just focus my time on drinking beer instead.

  3. I used to love going fishin' with my Grandpa. Special memories indeed.

  4. My brothers and I developed a psychological aversion to fishing. This was due to Mal making us go to the "crick" (aka "Horsefly Infested Swamp") every weekend to go fishing for eels (aka "fish snakes'). It sucked (aka "Sucked A Lot").


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