Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 125, 2012

Wednesday, May 9th

It's rained here all day.  Steadily. A break here and there, but rained. All day long.  Hellish...

The sounds here in the office?  A lot like yesterdays sounds. The sound of constant bitching. Of constant nagging. The worst noise ever.

Now the sounds I'm hearing, it's the sound of embarresment. The sounds of defeat. Of a sinking ship. The sounds of twisted metal as this shit has just been driven into the fucking ground. As she took her last stand and crushed yet another "word of mouth". It's really just a matter of time.  The folks around here would be smart to just go ahead and come to that realization.

We just most definitely won't be here next year.  What a shame.

Hope everyone had some sunshine today. I'm in need of some right now.

Thinking about changing the hair to a nice bright red.  Thoughts?

Hang in there!
that's all we can do now... 

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