Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 123, 2012

Monday, May 7th
Monday already and surprisingly it was 5pm before I was really prepared.  Our owner is running to VA tomorrow to tow a piece of equipment back to GA. I offered to do it for him, but of course he wouldn't take the time to show me how to operate the truck. Bastard! Not that I want to be a tow truck operator, but it would be nice to take a trip out of state, pretty much on someone elses dime!  Guess that's why he's doing it himself.  Doesn't have to pay anyone. He didn't even ask me to be on call tonight. Cheap bastard. 

We've been calling and waiting all day for some kind of word regarding that property we were checking into.   It's really annoying. I see red when I think about it really.  A total pain in the ass.  The world today sure has made it really hard for people like me to purchase a house.  Strange world we live in .... So much for that "American Dream"  right?  Frak!!

Girl Scouts meet tonight... I swear I'm still saying that shiz is a nightmare. If that woman yells at my kid like that, I will snap her fraking neck bones.  She came in and yelled at those kids, told one of them to close her book and pay attention.  OMG I could have freaked out and if it had been my kid I would have.  Her mother wasn't happy about it either, but she didn't say anything about it (to her face). It went as well as it ever does. We still aren't signed up (registered) and they're posta do that next week. But they did put Pokey's name down to get 2 possibly 3 of her badges that she has completed since we've been going. We have to work on the money management though. Which she will enjoy because there is a little paper elf thing in the back that she has been dying to play with!! 

Pokey made my a Moms Day gift tonight at Girl Scouts though.  A purdy potted flower for me to keep for always... Awes!!! I lerve my Pokey.

Now what the frak do I get my Mom for Mothers day ::face palm::

GOodnight Folks,

Hang in there! 

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  1. It probably took me 6 months before I finally went to settlement on my house.

    I'm going to be slack on blogging until I get my body back in shape. A hard days work right now leaves me a bit sore and tired because I let myself get so out of shape while I was unemployed!


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