Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thursday's Monkey Butt

What's the secret of Monkey Island?  Hell I have no idea, from what I read its from the early 90's.  1990 actually. Guess that is the earliest 90's you can get huh?  We never played this game, not that I remember anyways. Mind you I was like 10 years old. Occasionally my child hood blurs a little. I may have intentionally  blocked out the boring shit.

We played a lot of Mario back then though..

From what I'm reading, you're tossed into this game and the boy who wants to be  pirate and must do different missions on these islands.

Anyone ever play this?  Better yet, it's a Lucas product, anyone still have a copy?!  I'm curious, how was it?!

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  1. I never saw that movie, KooL picture though. Wow I had two tolerable days at work in a row!!! Finally! On a sour note, my computer made a snapping noise this morning, twice and shut down! I thought it was DOA but it rebooted.

    If I'm M.I.A. for a while it's because I need to get another computer. Right now all is well : )


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