Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 118 & 119, 2012

Hey Hey Hey my dear Dingleberries. How the hell you been the last couple days?  I tried really really hard to put a dent in those blogs I've slacked on reading. I think I did OK at that!  If I've missed anything, hang in there, I will get to it.  I always do...Don't I?  Yea, that's what I thought!!
Wednesday, May 2nd
Field Day.  Major nightmare-ish.  What seemed like 24397298754837 2nd graders, a lot of screaming and sunshine. My first time on Field Day duty and I don't remember Field Day being like that when I was a kid. I remember it being hot, but come on.  Oh well....  It was fun, Pokeys class didn't come in last, but they didn't do well either. I think they had fun!!

A short day at work, off early and then home home home...  Went for a bike ride and our new thing is dinner at the pizza place (it's 99 cent kid night).  It was all good fun though. 

Thursday, May 3rd
Sitting here, on the floor against the couch, blogging, listening to Futurama play on the television and watching Max watch me wanting to go outside, or something.  He's just  a turd, "Turdius Maximus".

In other news, surprising news. I'm, we've started a home buying process. It's a HUD home, whatever that means, conveniently located in the same neighborhood as my mothers home.  Go figure it's really close. LIKE RIGHT NEXT DOOR CLOSE (literally).  I talked to like 3 people today, one lady at the real estate company, really nice and  helpful, the agent handling the property and a man at Wells Fargo. He wasn't my favorite, but it has to be done. They want some prequalifying thing...Or something.  This is my first time, so we will see where it goes. They may shoot us down and it not work out.  At least I tried.  If it doesn't work, it just isn't suppose to happen there. I guess. If it works out it has tons of potential and it's only like 40K. Not bad, I hope!   Will keep ya posted!!

In other news, hit up the taco night and now I'm supah tired.  Seems as though Mr Monkey Butt and my sister are both suffering with the sinus congestion that I had earlier in the week. Sucks this weather is being weird and making people sick.  GO figure!!

GOodnight Dingleberries ,

Hang in there!


  1. I Love You Baby, and I Pray things work out where You will be right here beside Me, I need You, Your Father needs You, We Love You, You are a True Blessing, and I will get to have My Little Granddaughter, Ray. to Love Daily- Thank You and Love You

  2. Good luck with the house...hope it all works out!

  3. Wow, homeownership! I hope all goes exactly as you'd like it to. :)

  4. Really happy for you Doria. Interest rates are at the lowest, I bought my house at 35. If it's like my home loan, your city, county taxes and homeowners insurance will be included in your mortgage payment. I like it that way. It helps when working with a budget. Got my fingers crossed!

  5. Love the top photo. made me smile.
    Wishing you all the best with the home purchase. It is a big step but it will be wonderful for you to be close to your mum like that


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