Monday, May 28, 2012

365 of 2012

Yea so it's been a minute since I've uploaded anything, blogged anything.  It was a nice weekend away though!  So take a minute with me and lets play catch up. 

Wednesday, May 23rd
last day of school for Pokey and another sick day for Pokey as well. We were able to get her things from school. but I also had to miss another day of work ::face palm::  Hate that she's sick!

Thursday, May 24th
MY sick day.  I felt like pure hell from last night, puked at around 2ish and then felt a thousand times better. It's too bad I had a slight fever, was glad when the ibuprofen kicked in.  Went to work, miserably.  Suffered through till like 3pm and then took off for the day. It was all I could stand.  :/  Camping trip planned for the weekend...  Hoping I didn't feel like shiit!  In other news,this isn' a photo of me, because I felt crappy enough to actually FORGET to take my photo for the day. I did manage to snap a few random photos and well there ya go!!
Friday, May 25th
Well hello campers!!  Taking a break from all the driving, setting up and running around.  Ewww the gnats are evil!  Evil bastards. 
Saturday, May  26th
Fun days in the land of camping. Very long hike, Mr Monkey Butt and Pokey hated it. Pretty much. They will say otherwise, but if I had a tape recorder of it, I think you would agree with me. Hiked a very very very very long way, and that's by my standards.  Po Max was pooped!  It was fun though. Later we hit up Helen, which you know I love some Helen. Got some oh so tasty fudge and headed back to camp!  Yays!

Sunday, May 27th
I'm so glad to be home. It was an awesome time, I'd say.  But the last day was just packed with stuff to be done. Packed up, hit the lake one last time and then raced back to spend time with family for the holiday weekend. Oh, so tired!
Monday, May 28th
Monday.... Memorial Day.. Another day off of work.... The pools opened today.. We spent time with awesome friends. Need I say more?! 

Goodnight Dingleberries,

Hang in there!

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