Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day 126, 2012

Thursday, May 10th
Happy Thursday again Dingleberries,  It's been a helluva week. I can't wait until tomorrows work day ends.  I'm going nuts there this week.  I requested Friday before and Tuesday after memorial day off work this year. That gives me a whole week off. They approved it and I'm excited. I'd love to go somewhere far away but I think it's just going to be a camping kinda weekend!   Good enough!!

Boss lady has been on a rant this week, she's lost her mind. I'm pretty sure of it!

Max and Mr. Monkey Butt had a falling out tonight.  Max was chillin on the couch chewing on his bone and Mr Monkey Butt attempted to pet him.  Max is really anal about this and doesn't typically enjoy being messed with while he's gnawing. So he took a snip at Mr. Monkey Butt's hand. No blood drawn, just hurt I'm sure. He got me once and it did suck.  He's like an old fart. Ya can't be messing with him sometimes. Then of course they rough house him like any other pet.  Am I in the wrong for standing up for him? I love my little dog.  I don't want to get rid of him for a snip. Mr Monkey Butt  yelled at me that it would have been different if he'd bit Pokey and yea he's probably right.  But he didn't bite Pokey. Pokey knows, because we've told her OVER AND OVER when he's growling and acting like an asshat with his bone. It's best to just leave him be. 

Ugh I'm stressed! 


Hang in there! 

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  1. Having a flood of tetesterone huh? Woody was acting up Friday too, I think the new moon is worse than a full moon, from my 8+ years working at the liquor store, new moons are way crazier.

    Glad you have got some time to take off Doria, have fun!


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