Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Hello and welcome back to the What I'm Loving Wednesday!  It's pretty much just a random posting each week of a few things I'm loving!  So enjoy this weeks post :) 

So I'm not quite sure what exactly this is, I found it while I was bored online.  Go figure. Wait?  What? Me? Bored online?  Never!

I really love this show.  I love their oddities and antiques. I also love the way they take on projects for folks and all. Famous "rich" people!  Very cool.  I saw Johnathan Davis on their earlier. I've always loved him lots also.  Just a few awesome oddities for you to take a peek at, stuff I'm loving this Wednesday!

Moving on .....

How cute are these? 
I want  a skull & cross bone tattoo on my wrist.... Not sure which one though

Lets wrap this up with....
It's spring/summer around here. I'm loving it.  It's so lovely out and hot. It's awesoooome!!  So Dingleberries, enjoy your Wednesday..

Hang in there!

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  1. I love shows like Antiques Oddities and Pawn Stars. Better make sure you pick the skull you really want, ink is forever! : )

    I have two tat's, one on each upper arm, close to the shoulder. Each one took at least two hours. I tried to take pictures of them myself but they didn't look right. I'll have to get someone to take some photo's for me, when I have my camera handy!

    Gawd, I'm tired. Brain farts a plenty : ) Peace!


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