Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 175, 365 days of 2011

Friday, July 1st, 2011
Friday went to hell in a hand basket pretty quick today. Not only did one of the drivers head out to Alabama this morning to pick up a car, 3 hours away, one truck didn't show up and the owner (backup) driver took off to our other body shop almost 30 minutes away, can we say BULL SHIT. I find out later from a shall remain nameless source that said No Call No Show driver did in fact quit without telling anyone except said source.  I really liked Mr No Call No Show and hate that he will no longer be with us. But at least he was smart enough to get out when he did.  Our job sucks, if  you haven't noticed. It's full of constant bull shit, every day there are potential new rules and regulations that we have to deal with.  I think most recently the straw that broke the camels back if you will is when he was late for work, missed about half a day and rather than do the right thing, of paying him for half a day, they didn't.  He made about 14 bucks that day, his commission for the only tow he did that day. That's right.  6 hours of work and make 14 bucks.  Bullshit you say?  I agree.  Sadly we all deal with the same folks and they could really give two shits less how or what we feel!  Sad isn't it?  
So here I sit, glad it's all over and glad I'm sitting at home. If only my dahlin Pokey would fall asleep so I myself can hit the bed. I'm officially an "old".  Lovely isn't it!  Tomorrow should be filled with lotsa fun. I'm hopeful to get Pokey out to the park and just spend the day with her. Am also hopeful some plans stay intact and we are able to go to a town nearby and watch some fireworks with friends. Fabulous times!  Here's to hoping tomorrow is AWESOME!  We already know Sunday will be and well we have Monday off from work and I used 1 vacation day and took Tuesday off. I'm excited.  An extra long weekend.


So with all that being said, hope everyone had a better Friday than me. I'm going to enjoy the time off and try and not think about the rings of hell awaiting my arrival on Wednesday, dom dom dom! 

Goodnight to you!


  1. Good for you! Sounds like you need a mini break. Have fun with Pokey and have a great Fourth of July!


  2. Thanks Tim! I'm looking forward to every minute of NOT BEING AT WORK! :) have an awesome 4th yourself!


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