Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 193, 365 days of 2011

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011
Sometimes I just want a little peace and quiet. Sadly that isn't in the cards for me for at least a few more weeks.  And that's all I have to say about that!
Hello Tuesday. You're weren't much better than Monday, but you managed to be slightly better.  Mr Grumpy tow truck driver seemed to come around today and wasn't as shitty as yesterday.
The week seems to be wrapping itself up much to quickly.  That sucks, only because I have to work this weekend. It was confirmed today from the drivers.  Craptastic.  But whatevs. It's easy, mind you I didn't say fun, money!  Just take it and move on to next week with high hopes that weekend goes better! 

So I'm watching Twilight again. As much as I drool over and adore Edward (Rob Pattinson) it's disappointing these movies tainted my visions from the book. Now whenever I read them I see Rob as Edward, not that I'd complain, but as reading it, before I accepted I needed to watch the movies, he wasn't Rob Pattinson. Now Rob is soooo super hawt and OMG ... shut up Doria. 
I'm just ranting now. I just had a random thought today. Thought I would share!  It's sad when movies do that isn't it?  They put a face to the characters when in all reality they were just fine being faceless.


  1. Really? Twilight? Seriously? I think that's one of the worst movie series ever. And Pattinson is such a bad actor, I think he doesn't deserve to be called an actor.

  2. I don't get another day off until next Thursday the 28th. Oh well, happy hump day! I dread going to work these days, most people I work with are lazy humps. I need to find another job first though.



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