Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 200, 365 days of 2011

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Happy Humpday?  I hope it was for you!  Not too shabby here. Pokey had another dentist appointment today. UGH!  Did  I mention she HATES the dentist.  Just in case you forgot... She hates the dentist. She was slightly optimistic this morning when I reminded her. She said at least she would be DONE after this.  I hate to see her stress it and I know she was. Po Po Pokey. I could see it on her face. She wasn't looking forward to it at all. She dragged me through the doors with her when they called her name. Wanting to know what they were going to do to her. Last trip she got one of those awful caps put on and of course they only have a silver color. Because that looks so attractive you know?!
She handled it pretty well today. For that I am glad. I was off work at 12 today, which under different circumstances that would have been AWESOME! It was still nice to get some lunch with my favorite Princess and run through the park for a minute.
I'm missing her tonight. Which sucks. But I know she will be home tomorrow and I'm looking forward to being away from the house as much as possible over the weekend.  Think I will get that lucky?  Yea I doubt it too! 
So I'm shutting up now, off to watch some mind numbing television!  Goodnight Dingleberries!

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  1. OMG a day off work today : ) My plans for today are to not do too much LoL

    Yes Hump day was good to me, glad you had a good one too!



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