Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 189, 365 days of 2011

Friday, July 15th, 2011
TGIF!  Talk about a day from hell. I was happy it all started well. Pokey didn't give me too much trouble this morning and was up and out of bed, nearly on time.  Whew!  Had a quick trip at the gas station. ::Note to self, make sure when the gas light is on, you stop the night before, not the next morning. Saves time!::
All was well and BAM realized I'd forgotten my cell phone. Now you all know I took a days vacation from my cell phone a while back. That was premeditated and intentional!  Today I wasn't meaning to leave the thing at home. So I'm stressing, because it's times like those something goes wrong and you end up walking because you don't have a cell phone to call when the shit gets deep.  No worries, no emergencies and no car troubles. Lucky day I guess.
It was obviously  a full moon today. Not only am I off due to the lack of socializing i do with my cell phone. Wondering who would be calling and or texting and of course it's one of the numbers they call if necessary from daycare regarding Pokey. All the annoying bastards decided to have their cars towed today so of course they bothered the hell out of me as often as possible. The new tow truck driver is as slow as molasses and one of them was in a very pissy mood all day. It was becoming very annoying.
On top of all of this, actually, probably the beginning to all of this was me taking my antibiotic today. Yes I'm now stuck with taking some damn antibiotics for 10 days. Which just means I can't be in the sun or take my vitamins or anything of that nature. It's total BS and well I'm a total spaz about medicines. I don't take them unless absolutely necessary. Which is never if you ask me. I'd no intentions of going to the Dr either but just gave in and did it. I'm not sickly very often. It's bullshit. So I go into anxiety attack mode this morning. Total bullshit.  I felt the anxiety and my belly felt nauseous and so it began. I distracted myself with my reading and well after searching online realized I wouldn't die if I ate the cheese sticks I wanted.  Good news I finished up the book I started last week and started on a new one *high fives*.

Ugh what a day. Glad it's over and looking forward to going skating tomorrow. Not looking forward to the antibiotic tonight or the next 9 days. BULLSHIT!
Goodnight folks! 

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  1. But at least you'll be feeling better soon! Definitely better listen to the doc! :)


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