Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 186, 365 days of 2011

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Whatever it was, my morning started off like crap!  HA!  I spent  the morning pouting that it was a crap day.  Go figure. It brightened up and ended pretty good. I'm glad for that. Still not feeling the brown hair and in all honesty I have absolutely no idea what if anything I should do with it. Ugh!

Luckily it wrapped up with a bang, I ran out of the office for about 30 minutes, a nice get away, ran into some rain and raced back to work. Lovely.  It went smoothly my last hour as I attempt to explain what the psycho witch wanted who decided to come back, after a month and attempt to tell me that I would make sure we fixed her car, which she thinks we damaged. Her drunk arse doesn't even remember going to jail for being drunk.  ha ha.  People amaze me at times with their idiocy and always wanting something for free. Get a grip arsehat!  :)

Now  here I sit, finally made myself put my book down, again today. I've done awesomely with reading through this one.  It's exciting to read it again, after a long while. I'm also excited to read some other books Ive not picked up as of yet. In time In time. It's patience time. Gotta get through this one first, not that it will be of any challenge. I'm over half way and only been at it for a few days ::high fives::

Goodnight folks. It's past my bedtime and I get to get up and go to work tomorrow.  Yippy!

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  1. Ah, don't dwell on the hair. It doesn't look gray in the pictures I've seen.

    When I think about my gray hair, I'm just happy to still have hair LoL



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