Thursday, November 3, 2011

It has hit home...

We are a little more optimistic I think right now. It's not such a terrible time, well kinda. It's still scary and stressful but we are getting more and more information as we go.  So we are happy....ish

Mom had tests today, as I said yesterday?  She had PET scans, CT scans a class as well as whatever else she spent 6 hours at the Dr office for today! 

Dad stressed me for a moment when he sent me this strange text message saying the Dr called and said the insurance would pay 100/00 of the treatments. I'm like WTF if this insurance company only pays 100 bucks of her treatments then I am going to be like Denzel Washington on that movie where his son needs a heart and his stupid fucking insurance company won't cover the shit. He sells everything he owns and then pretty much holds the hospital hostage!!  OK OK I stray, so he explained later that they will cover 100% of it. Yea he couldn't find the % sign on his blackberry!  Stressful!

The Drs explained although she will lose her hair within a couple of weeks that the awfulness we thought would come from Chemo only last a few days or so after the actual treatment.  Though none of this is positive because everyone has different side effects to anything there is no guarantee, but we are hopeful. They are also saying that her shots, for her MS, will also help fight this cancer.  Shit is working out people. It's sad that she has to go through this as well as fucked up and unfair but it will only make us stronger.

I'm going to look strange with no hair and I've not mustered the guts to tell her yet that I plan to shave my head when she loses her hair. So don't go babbling the news to her or anything!  ;)  She advised me earlier that her Dr said being that there are cases of cancer in the family that we should be checked as well. Awesome. My broke arse with no insurance now has something else to worry about right now.  Yay gimme another cigarette. I know it's no joking matter and really I'm not joking it's just too much I guess!
In other news, her PET scan today they ran some radiation through her, we were excited at pee time hoping her pee would be some awesome bright green or something, it wasn't. Total bullshit if you ask me, but whatevs.  She has to drink a lot of water and warsh it all out.  She will have her results Monday as well as her first treatment.  As far as we know, things are changing all the time.  Each time she goes to the Dr I am a little unsure what exactly they are going to do, but she fills me in. 

And she's drinking soda, damn.  I'm giving up on the bright colored pee! 


  1. Neva Give UP~! Shaving your head for your Mom is awesome.

    I've seen a soccer team and other groups that all shave their heads to make the person with cancer feel so not out of place.

    Have faith, some things are out of our control. You can only do your very best and I'm sure you will.

    Prayers for you and yours : )


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