Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day 323, 365 Days of 2011

Sunday, November 27th, 2011
Spent 30 minutes on the Gazelle leg machine exercise thing in my room.  yay me. But here I sit after a half glass of sweet tea a couple of carrots and some pecan pie. Epic fail.
My imaginary physical trainer would kick my arse for that, but whatevs.
It's a good start and soon enough there won't be any pie left, only carrots and then I won't have anything to feel guilty for.
I do have this awful crater of a pimple on my face though, perhaps the pie is to blame?  Damn!
The news man is telling us we have a chance of snow on Tuesday, WTF? For those who know me, know I absolutely HATE the "S" word and it's total BS that we are just reaching the end of November and they are already calling for it.  Perhaps it is the end of the world or something?  Then again, they can quit their bitching about global warming.  I guess I'm going to move on to South America and hope it's warmer there!
OK, so I shall wrap this up. 
I did share on my Facebook page though that I've found a box of cards in my Christmas box.  Don't get confused they aren't Christmas Cards, they're just some artistic cards I managed to receive as a gift last year or so. I'd love to send them out in the mail.  We all know it's a rare occasion we receive anything in the mail other than BILLS.  So if you're willing, send me your addresses and spread the word if you like. No worries, I'm not a psycho stalker  or anything like that. I just thought it would be fun. I expect nothing in return and well if you LOVE Christmas and send your address then maybe you can get a Christmas card from me as well, if you celebrate Christmas that is.
So shoot me an email, I don't think I have a link for that on my page, but I will get right to it. Leave me a comment and I will send you my email address!
Hope everyone had a wondermus Sunday. It's back to work for me and Mr. Monkey Butt (maybe) tomorrow and school for Pokey as well. It's been an awesome few days off and I look forward to it again sometime soon!
Also check out my Facebook page, it's Hey Monkey Butt  and like me if you'd like, spread the word as well.
Goodnight Dingleberries.  Good to be all caught up, for now!

Updates::::  Here is my email address because I've no idea how to post it on my blog, lolz.
Get to sending me those addresses people, I've only a few cards so remember, first come first serve!  :)


  1. Hiya!
    We celebrate BOTH Christmas and Hanukkah here at the lolamouse residence (I'm Jewish; hubby is Catholic. They're really the same-both are just variants of food and guilt!) I love, love, love creative cards (I make them when I have the time). I'd rather send my addy to your email if you don't mind though. Happy Holidays (I'm tweaking you-I know you hate that!)

  2. Awe no way, I catch myself saying Happy Holidays all the time, lolz. I know I rant and grumble about it, but there is always something for me to rant about :) I've sent you my email on twitter and i've posted a new post today that has the link in it, I need to add it to this one. HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you as well, it works cause you celebrate both, tee hee!


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