Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 300-303, 365 days of 2011

Playing catch up again, but considering  the weekend I had. It's all good :)

Day 300
Friday, November 4th, 2011
Friday was pretty good I guess.  Found out our apartment would be ready today, so we could sign the lease and actually move in.  Wowza!  I was in no way prepared for that news.  First things first, sign the lease.  Didn't do much else worth talking about, had pizza with Mr. Monkey Butts parents and watched our new favorite show, "Wipe Out"  It's funny and Pokey just lerves it!

Day 301
Saturday, November 5th, 2011
Yea, so it's moving day.  Got up as early as I possibly could, got ready to spend the day packing and moving.  Did I mention I effn hate moving?  If not, then now you know.  I was in no way ready and well came up with the best plan I could. Needing a U haul and refusing to move without one, I made it in time to get it rented and small the small amount owed on my storage building. Packed everything I could at Mom's into my Dads truck and Tina (my car).  It worked out well, though the trip to the new place with a car so loaded I couldn't see out any window but mine own and part of the back window, wowza!!! It was an adventure for sure.  Thank the lawd my sis, her hubs and my cousin came over to help us unload and surprisingly the U Haul was pretty much empty when I got to the apartment, yea, I took a minute to finish the loading at Mom's.  Oops!  All in all, though I was more tired than I've ever known before, it was a good day and got a lot done.  Go us!
Moving on....
Day 302
Sunday, November 6th, 2011
Oh Sunday, that's really just unfair that Sunday came so quickly, it didn't seem possible and time changed also?  Yuck!
So today we moved Mr. Monkey Butts stuff, which was about 30 minutes or so closer to the new place.  He had less to move than I did, well furniture anyways.  Loaded up the truck with furniture, loaded the Mountaineer with TVs and random stuffs, packed my trunk and what was left in the seats and back seats of the truck.  Made it all in 1 trip with the three cars. AWESOME! 
After lugging a TV stand which I will add weighs so very much that I just wanted to throw myself over the railing of the stairs onto the concrete with hopes that it would crack my noggin and I'd rest for a few.  ha ha..I'm kidding, kinda. It was heavy as shit though.  A couple of dressers later and all the heavy shit is in the house, now for the little stuff and to conquer getting boxes moved and some things unpacked.  Just a mess I tell ya. 
As odd as it may sound, was kinda looking forward to going back to work, would give me a nice break from unpacking and moving stuffs.  Ever feel that way? 
It's safe to say, I'm hiring movers next time!  I can't do this anymore and I refuse to move again until I'm ready to purchase something and call it mines own.  ha ha

Day 303
Monday, November 7th, 2011

Well it's Monday.... again.  It was a shittastic day at work today, nothing  new there I guess. I was right though it was a nice break from the unpacking and moving though.  Unfortunately boss people were being total cunts again at work. That makes me nuts, but I'm sure you have heard me say things like that.  lolz.  I don't understand why they act like that, oh wait.  Yes I do, it's because they are retards.  Went to Walmart tonight, gawd I hate walmart, they don't sell hardware for curtain rods anymore?  Very annoying. Now I gets to run all over town and try and find them somewhere.  UGH!
Oh wells, tomorrow is another day.  Debating on going to see Momzie, but I know know know I need to devote some much needed attention to Pokeys bedroom, poor bug has more stuff than Mr Monkey Butt and myself put together.  Plus we need need need to go through her clothes, she has so very much that just won't fit her anymore, either too tight or too short.  Can you believe she is finally wearing 7s, like nothing else.  She will be 8 in January!  lolz
Oh well, have an awesome Tuesday folks and don't forget to check out tomorrows song, as well as an update on Momzie. 
Goodnight Dingleberries, stay warm!


  1. That is bad when you work so hard at home it's nice to go back to work. The time change thing always upsets my sleeping big time. I did get the paint scrapped off my windows yesterday, now for some caulking and paint. Chow!

  2. You are still rocking that Uma Thurman look, dear! Love the shades!

  3. Oh I hope you are back to stay Meat bag, I miss reading your stuff. I still lerve some Uma Thurman, thanks.... Have a great weekend!


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