Tuesday, November 22, 2011

365 days of 2011

Bloody Hell I'm so far behind, again, but whatever, I'm a busy lady these days! At least I manage to keep up with something, sometimes, maybe?!
Anyways.  How has my Dingleberries been?  Anyone take the time to check out my music post this week?  What about my Thanksgiving post? I saw a comment on 2 on there and I will get to reply to them, tonight.  I'm sure of it!
So all that being said, you all know I'm patiently awaiting Thanksgiving so I can rawk this bish and makes something TASTY!   Besides I will have awesome company to help me through it.
I'm hoping to get some new color on my hair TOMORROW. I can't stand this washed out black, brown, whatever color it is. I'm going to attempt to pick up a better brand that maybe won't wash out so fast?  Do they make those? I should know you know, I've dyed my hair monthly (sometimes more) for quite some time now.  Shall see.
Will post pics, no worries.
OH!  For those who don't follow my facebook babbles, I prepared the brine for the turkey tonight. It's chillin on the counter, cooling to room temperature before going into the fridge for the night.  Mr. Turkey will go into the brine tomorrow night and be ready for cooking early Thursday morning.  The brine is crazy salty, but you know, it's OK.  Should be good, I hope!

OK OK, so I've babbled enough.  I will share my photos now and a minimum explanation if any needed!  Goodnight to my Dingleberries, I plan to catch up on my reading now, yerp, time to read some more blogs.  Stay tuned for the next few days, if you can, I will share my adventures in Thanksgiving.  I'm hoping not to get assaulted as I go into the market tomorrow. I need only a few minor things and I'm hoping I haven't forgotten those, being as I left that list at work, GAH!

Day 315
Saturday, November 19th, 2011

(yea, you have seen this one before on a different blog, but oddly enough this was the only picture I toyed with on Saturday.  I suck!)

Day 316
Sunday, November 20th, 2011
(Christmas in November, GRRRRR, but while playing in Party City I found the fall festive cookie cutters I as shopping for. YAYS!)
Note to self: Do not step foot near the Dekalb Farmers Market on a weekend, are you Crazy!?!?!
OH! After all the fun shopping and what nots I went to see LYKKE LI with a couple of awesome ladies. It was AWESOME.  Never ever did I think I would see Lykke Li live and I loved it.  It's a must see if you get the chance people.  Just do it.  If she ever comes back I will take Pokey because she loves her just as much as I do! 

Day 317
Monday, November 21st, 2011

Day 318
Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Happy Tuesday Dingleberries, don't forget to check out this weeks music and have an awesome Wednesday!  Cya tomorrow!

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  1. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! Hope you had a good Thanksgiving and success with your turkey. You have the haircut I wanted and my hairdresser screwed up and didn't do! Anyway, I love your blogs, and you have a new follower!


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