Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It has hit home...

So we've begun the battle, as you all know. She's a fighter and she's a survivor.  Mom went to the Dr (chemotherapist) on Tuesday (last week) and I was wondering all day that day what they had to say, some blood work I think.

So they chatted and checked her out, she has to go back this Thursday for PET scans, CT scans, xrays as well as some more information (a class) to teach her a little more.  She starts chemo NEXT WEEK.  She will have it every 3 weeks for 6 sessions. I'm sure I have all of these names wrong.  They are checking her heart to make sure she can handle this stuff she is about to go through.

Chemo is a poison, it's going to be rough but from what I'm reading the sickness really only last a few days afterwards.  She will lose her hair within a few weeks or so after the 1st treatments and she has every intention of calling a wig store, I think.  

We shall see.  Keep praying people. We are all a little more aware and informed at this point, but it's still scary. The television is broadcasting it like mad!  It's weird.  But it's good they are spreading awareness and teaching the world this is real people!

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