Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Music for a Tuesday

Happy Tuesday again Dingleberries.
It was a tough call for me to go with the original by Trent Reznor or this cover by Johnny Cash. I remember Trent singing it many years ago, I loved it so very much.  There are a lot of things Trent did that just can't be touched, but it was different and nice the way Johnny Cash did a nice cover. Mr. Monkey Butt is telling me that this was his last recording ever, and that because of his illness it took him like 2 weeks to finish it.  Again, awesome cover and  I'm guessing I was just in a Johnny Cash kinda mood today. 
I hope you all enjoy and for those Trent Reznor fans, as I am too, next time I'm in a Hurt kind of mood I will make sure to share his version with you, just for old times sakes. 


  1. That song suits me for today, found that I have lost a close friend of 40 years.

  2. Thanks for visiting and Im very sorry for your loss Mr. Anonymous :(


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