Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursdays Monkey 'butt'

There is a commercial with a catchy jingle that I hear from time to time with a phone number that is also kinda catchy. I remember telling myself if I ever needed a plumber I'd call that guy to see if he'd bring the money with him.
It's funny to me (I'm easily amused) but the commercials start off saying something like you You don't want  a Monkey with a wrench, you wouldn't let a monkey drive a car or drop your kids off at school.  It's funny to me OK!  They have a cute monkey, though I don't think it's a monkey at all, is it true monkeys are only monkeys if they have  tails?  If not then there are a thousand other monkeys I can think of for my Thursdays post. 

(so I'm not sure why the caption says its racist? I r cornfused. Whatever it's still funny. Enjoy!)

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