Saturday, November 26, 2011

Your thoughts?

Well it's been a minute since I blogged randomly and with no real purpose at all.
As you Dingleberries may remember (maybe I've blogged enough) I lost my wallet a few weeks ago, TOTAL NIGHTMARE!  Not recommended to my worst of friends, well maybe a couple!
So after the headaches and cancelling cards and the likes, I went to the DDS.  Yeap, 3 times.  On the last time, provided I had enough paper work to prove I was me.  Who would have thought we can't be born married?  Yea she actually said I should come back with a birth certificate with my new name on it.  Well, it's not a   new name to me and well I wasn't going to tell her that.  Buuuut apparently yea they are RETARDS!
So I finally get it all done and she snaps the picture. She looking, looking, looking and looking some more. Then she proceeds to call someone else over for this.  I'm like hmmm, wonder whats going on.  Then I hear the other lady say, Nah that's her she just gained some weight. WTF!  I asked her as soon as other stupid bitch walked off if they were comparing photographs? 
Well turns out they were! 
She seemed to think these aren't the same person!
And do I look fatter?  btw I know that I am, but whatevs I can't get out in the sun and melt away my fat I guess.  


  1. No way! You've always been very slender Doria. You might weigh more than you used to but I promise that there's no need for melting.
    Both of those are great pics by the way. The black background makes the blonde seem very shiny and the white background makes the brown look warm and nice. Even with a shaved head your eyes would still be too much for words.
    (haha, you Did ask for it :P)

  2. Fun contrast between the light and the dark hair! You could pull off any hair color, my dear!

  3. Thank you both! Bea I know you're new to the Monkey Butt but I think in the past year or so I've managed to rawk every color hair. Except of course the awesome pinks, greens and blues. Work would never allow such thang! Anonymous, I think you may be right, I could totally rawk a shaved head, lolz. I did ask for it and thanks for such kind words :)


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