Friday, November 11, 2011

Days 306 & 307, 365 Days of 2011

Day 306
Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Yea, it's cold here. It's quite dreadful really and I don't want any part of this cold weather. It's rather unfortunate I even have to leave the house.  It's only going to get worse too. Ugh!  I was able to hit the walmart and find some curtain rods for Pokey and the dining room.  I'm glad to have some curtains up.  The ones in my room are shit and will be tossed out this weekend, they don't fit the window.  Besides I think it's time for a change anyways.
Dropped a couple of boxes off at Goodwill. Now to unload 4 boxes of Pokey toys as well as a bag of her clothes. Iyiyi.  I guess it's time to unload some things she doesn't wear or play with. It's for the best, she hand picked it and honestly probably hasn't touched it in years.  She did opt to keep almost every stuffed animal she owns though.  We manged to part with a few, pfew!
Out with the old, in with the new!  The brownies I made were AWESOME. 
PS. Don't forget to check out this weeks Monkey Butt

Day 307
Friday, November 11th, 2011
Happy Friday Dingleberries, did you check out this weeks fabulous Friday Photo?  Oh go on, it will be fun.
I'm attempting to blog at work today because honestly I have no idea whats on the schedule for tonight. Can you believe, it's 11/11/11 today. That is a lot of ones and speaking of ones, there were posta be quite a few parties going on tonight buuut I won't be making any of those. It's cold out and honestly I just don't have the desire to be around many people right now.  I guess I'm either getting old or just lack interest with everything stressful in my life.  But at least I'm almost moved in and well though its a damn godforsaken mess in there, it's almost done.  (way to stay positive right) 
It's veterans today and I guess like everyone else, HAPPY VETERANS DAY to all those Veterans out there. Hope they enjoy their free Apple Bees and thanks for all you have done, will do and are doing.  You rawk!
With that I leave you, I hope your day is wondermus.  We should have our very own Internet and cable tomorrow, thank gawd and hopefully my connection won't be SHIT.  Shall see.
Good day Dingleberries!

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