Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Holiday.

So I don't typically say "Happy Holidays", I'm usually more rebellious than that and make sure to tell them Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas.  Yea it doesn't always fit but if I've ever been in the wrong or someone found it offensive, they didn't tell me, so should I really care that much?!  Yea, I probably won't!  It is what it is and it's called Thanksgiving.

That being said, Thanksgiving is approaching rather quickly, what 2 days away or so?  Yea, it's some what  overwhelming. For those that don't know yet, I'm hosting Thanksgiving this year. Yea, it's my first year, EVAR and to be honest, I don't recall EVAR baking a turkey.  I'm hopeful and excited.  I think it's going to be an awesome experience and can't wait to have all my favorite people under one roof!

Our Guest List:
Monkey Butts Mom
Monkey Butts Dad
Monkey Butts Sis
Neice #1
Neice #2
(they're numbered only by age)
Mr. Monkey Butts Mom
Mr. Monkey Butts Dad
Mr. Monkey Butts Brother

Then of course there is Monkey Butt, Mr. Monkey Butt and Monkey Butt Jr aka Pokey

SO lets count that is people plus 1.2.3 of us, makes 11 peoples.

I'm only stressing because Mom and Mr Monkey Butts Mom can actually cook, Mom or Dad make a killer Dressing and Potato salad, so of course they are bringing those, THANK GAWD.  I've already a relatively LARGE menu but was able to recruit everyone to bring SOMETHING. But if I managed to bomb the shit out of this thing and everything I attempt to make, my turkey having a brine and some aromatics it could always go wrong, my sweet potatoes I found this TASTY sounding recipe for Sweet Potatoes with Bananas and Honey. YUM!  As you know I've never made a turkey so I thought why not try something different, same goes with the sweet potatoes, but I've made those many many times for holidays and am always really classic with them. Just taters, sugar and marshmallows.   I'm just hoping it doesn't taste like shit and the Moms are all like, ewwww Poor Mr Monkey Butt, this bish can't cook!  Bwhahahahha!

It's going to be OK, It's going to be OK!

As you may notice, I'm a little worked up about it, I'm a little excited and am also very NEW at all of it. But it's going to be EPIC and well if it isn't, you all have something to laugh about when Friday rolls around and you're feet are aching from the long day of shopping. I'm hoping to get a lot of picture taking time in and update my life with pictures. 

I love the holidays, there is nothing like a long, stressful holiday spent with the ones you love who just so happen to be as stressed as I am.  Plus to top it all off, Mr. Monkey Butt, Pokey and myself will be shopping for an Xmas tree on Friday, the dreaded black Friday and have it all beautimus come the weekend.  I refuse to start any sooner than that!

Happy Thanksgiving Dingleberries, I'm looking forward to hearing all about your Thanksgiving flops and funs as well. 


  1. I'm sure everything will come out just fine. Ya'll have a nice Thanksgiving! I know I will : )

  2. It'll be amazing, have no fear!
    ....and Happy Turkey Day To You!


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