Monday, November 28, 2011

And then there is death...

She said "I'm going to die.". Suddenly my life flashed before my eyes.
Her brilliant blond hair waving slightly in the wind.
The green in her eyes reflecting a sea of jade.
The most beautiful person I've ever seen.
As the words sunk it,
I fought off the hysterics,
silently held the tears at gunpoint.
Deep down I knew this day would come,
but as I stared dumbfounded at her.
She being a young Thirty years old, myself only a minor Ten.
Life was no longer fair.
My childhood lost,
I wanted to run!
I could only wish for breath!

photo taken here


  1. Brilliant 100 words blog post. It's beautiful but sad at the same time. Is it fictional?

  2. This punched me right in the stomach. Great write! I love "I held the tears at gunpoint." Awesome.

  3. Thanks everyone, I tend to have random creative moments and well most of my 100 words post seem to be sad or something. It's weird! guess I find inspiration in sad thoughts or something. Oh wells, thanks for reading!


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