Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Belated Birthday...

Well I’ve done the impossible, the unforgivable. I’ve forgotten the birthday of my Monkey Butt blog. Not just any birthday, Monkey Butts FIRST Birthday!  I'm a terrible Monkey Butt Mommy. Can you believe this?  Well, I can.

So lets see, first things first, Happy late Birthday to my Monkey Butt blog.  This past year has been lovely, (did ya catch that sarcasm?)  Let me clarify, the past year has been pretty good. Nothing major I guess. Tried my best to blog as often as possible, because I like it.  There were times when things weren’t their best, but that happens. Right?

So how did I manage to forget my blogs birthday?  I have no idea. It’s not like I just realized I’d forgotten it either. I actually realized it a few weeks back and forgot about it again.  Awesome!  But in my defense, I don’t forget the birthdays of the PEOPLE I love, selfishly this Blogs Birthday wouldn’t be possible it if weren’t for me, so I shouldn’t feel so bad.

I’ve shared with you Dingleberries, my times of stress and anger and frustration. My times of happiness and fun times.  All in all I think you all may have enjoyed it as much as I have. I’ve lost a few people from my blogging life, I’m not sure where they went and if they will come back, but I can hope right? 

So with all that being babbled, in the most random way possible.  Wishing my Blog a late birthday, because no matter what, I’d be lost with out it at times. 


  1. Happy Birthday Monkey Butt~!

    I am terrible with birthdays. I once and only one forgot my mother's birthday and she cried so I made sure I never forgot that one again.

    I have one half-brother, one half sister, six nieces, one nephew (Three of which are triplets and I still forget their birthday) and fourteen Great Nieces and Great Nephews!

    Don't even get me started on aunts, uncles and cousins, just don't go there! LoL

    Thank goodness for Thanksgiving and Christmas, I never forget those. For 30 years all I did was party every day like it was 1999, so even my own birthday was no big deal : )

  2. Put a candle in that monkey butt...wait, that's not right. Un, A big birthday kiss to the, that doesn't work. Let me stick with the simple: A very happy birthday to the monkey butt!
    This is the first time I've glanced upon the glistening buttocks of the butt, but I will be sure to check back many a time.

  3. Happy Birthday to your Monkey Butt blog :)


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