Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Let me Live

I think as humans we come to lose value and appreciation.  The constant drag downs and suffering.  Those I care so dearly for in constant struggle.  Or perhaps this brings them to appreciate more than the rest of us. More than myself. 

I sit back only to piss and moan about the constant groaning and suffering of those I love.  Those who choose not to make their situations better. Sadly I thrive on those who are too weak to make it better. TO take their lives in their own hands and control their worlds.  I make it my point every day to make something better of my situations. To avoid any and all of this constant media whose only goal is to make us feel bad about our lives.

I’m torn and angry right now as my world as I know it is taking shape into something I don’t care to know about. I remember being a child and not knowing and not caring was  what the world was to me.  I know today I must be a grown up, I must get out of bed each morning with the sunshine peaking through the limbs of trees. I must stir my darling daughter from her slumber and we being responsible children make our way into the world, each and every day. There is not always time for that awesome walk or bike ride that takes me away from the world.  Takes me away from the interwebs that I may add are only here to poison my mind with the nonsense I enjoy staying away from, the drama of someone else’s fantasies. To be blunt, the shit I just don’t care to know!  I don’t care who died by lethal injection and how cruel and evil it was. How wrong they were to make an example of said soul. Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time?  Well it’s either that or hell ya may have just been guilty. Why should I stress myself over things that are not in my control? Over things, I have nothing to do with?  Perhaps if we make ourselves better people and tend to our own business we wouldn’t be in said wrong places at the wrong time.

I’ve no pity for these fools. I’ve no desire to dish my two cents in the whole thing only to be criticized and cursed for my jaded mind. Perhaps it’s jaded because they have brought me there. I want to live and let live.  Peace is such a bullshit line that for many a decade they have preached and praised for peace but we won’t see the world at peace.  Face it! It’s a bullshit world full of bullshit wars and bullshit lies.  Accept it and move on with your life.  Will ya?  I’m at peace with my life. Sure I would enjoy more money. Sure I would enjoy more life. Sure I would enjoy all of the above and extra days off during the week. But it just isn’t in the cards for me. I’m happy living my life, going to work every day and raising my child to be as hard working and responsible as I am. I can’t sit around at home today working my dream job and living like shit.  It doesn’t sound exciting to me! It doesn’t sound like me at all!  

Here’s an idea.  Enjoy your days and who gives a shit what the world is doing?! They’ve been at it for years and have yet to get it right.  Just let it go! Live your lives and stop preaching and stressing and pushing our lives full of the drama we are trying to avoid! 

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  1. Looks like this is going to work! Yaaaa

    Yup sometimes I have my blog open, youtube and Facebook all at one time and it was jamming me up.

    I needed more computer brain, if only I could get some more brain for myself!

  2. Yay, welcome back. I know, computers hate me. Wish I could take their brains and add them to mine at times! :)


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