Saturday, October 8, 2011

I shall love always

The waters crash around me.
I sit and stare.
Stare into nothingness.
Endless miles of salt and water.
The tiny fish swim around my toes,
occasional nibbles make me twitch.
Why must she hate us?
Why does she just not care?
To turn ones back and never say goodbye!
What did I do wrong to be shut out?
To have loves and never really received any back.
The lost and pain you've left me with.
The empty shell that remains of me.
As my beloved one  no longer wants,
no longer loves those who love no matter the pain.

(photo taken here)


  1. Did you write that? That's awesome, great that I can comment now!

  2. Yes I wrote this one. I've recently started playing with the 100 words post and it's harder at times. Im glad you can comment also :)


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