Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 293-295, 365 Days of 2011

Happy Sunday Dingleberries
It was a loverly weekend this weekend, the constant reminders of what all is going on aside, it was so nice to get out with friends and hit up a family gathering today.  Friday was a little bumpy, some bullshit went down and I left work early to avoid everything.  Got the deposit paid for the power for the new apartment which I am excited to say will be moving into around the 10th.  Awesome!

So, lets get this party started being as I need to hand write a letter in response to one my dearest friend sent me over the weekend! I know, handwritten letters. Its been a while and I'm actually glad it came because I have been wanting to hand write a letter for some time.

Day 293
Friday, October 28th, 2011
Friday, as I said was a shittastic day. Nothing new there for the week, but it's OK. It was nice to take off from the place that was giving me no comfort what so ever and get off to see people that really wanted to see me. It was, dare I say, NICE!  It all ended well though and Mr. Monkey Butt, Pokey and myself went out for some dinner, finally choosing Red Robin where we were fortunate to see one of my favorite girlfriends. Looking forward to Trick or Treating with her and her dahlin daughter on Halloween ::happy dances::

Day 294
Saturday, October 29th, 2011
Wellp, here we have a picture of Pokey. I took quite a few pictures on our outing today but FAILED at taking one of myself.  hahaha... Not sure if any were taken at the awesome partay we attended tonight either. It was a lot of fun.  Great time to play by the fire, drink on a few drinks and chat with some of my other favorite peoples.  A lot of fun!  Glad to have done it. It was nice to get out again and just try and have a good time.  Awesomeness and although I didn't apply much thought or anything else to my "costume"  I simply wore items of clothing that I don't wear very often. It worked out, a few people said I even looked completely different in my wig!  Cools.

Day 295
Sunday, October 30th, 2011
Happy Sunday!  That's a creepy fucking mask isn't it?  Eeeep!
Here I sit, playing catchup with blogging after an oh so tasty dinner and an awesome outing with the family. My cousin hosted a fun Halloween party for the kiddies today and I think it's safe to say they had a blast. Lots of candy and hayrides. They lerved it and it was nice to get out, again, with the people I lerve.
But, here I sit. I'm tired and still plenty to do, fun fun fun.  I shall get it all done though and tomorrow will be AWESOME!
It's trick or treat day tomorrow and I can't wait to see my girl and her daughter.  Pokey is dressing up as a witch tomorrow and I must admit its fucking awesome to think about. She has never gone as something other than a princess or fairy or something cute and adorable like that and here we sit, all thanks to Grandma and my  Pokey is going to rawk a witch tomorrow.  Awesomeness!  

Cya tomorrow (I hope) Have an awesome Monday!


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