Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Didn't think that would ever hit home?

Thursday, October 20th, 2011
 I sat in my car on my way home from work.  The traffic was nothing out of the ordinary. Mr. Monkey Butt had gotten done with work early and was on his way to my house, we were to have dinner.  I felt something, something wrong.  It felt like something was terribly wrong.  That it wasn’t OK.   I kept telling myself it’s me it’s me. There is something wrong with me. A gut instinct I guess, sadly I’m one who follows and believes in those. I think that first gut instinct is always right.  I fought it down and trying to distract myself I turned the songs up and sang alone. I stopped into the nail salon and had them rip my eyebrows out. It had already been a terrible day. Broken toes and stomach pain, I just wanted to go home. But what is this feeling?  

When I got home I asked Mom how her Dr appointment went.

I’d almost forgotten she had called me at work to tell me she was going to the Dr. We didn’t get into much on the phone, me being at work and more than one wasted attempt to return her call ate up the few minutes I had to call. 

She was finally going to go to the Dr and have the lump under her breast checked out. To be honest, I’d almost forgotten about that as well. She mentioned it and brought it to my attention around the time of the brain aneurysm and without the excitement and stress it just got lost in there somewhere.  What she neglected to tell me was exactly how big it had gotten. She was going to the Dr because it was hurting her!  

Mom told me they thought it was cancer.

They had done their mammograms and ultra scans.  Found a mass in her breast as well as running along under her underarm area.  Biopsy to come and we wait.... I hate waiting.

Didn't think that would ever hit home.

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  1. You and your Mom are in my thoughts. Please let us know. I am here for you.


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