Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 286, 365 Days of 2011

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Well hello Friday and I'm glad to see you, well kinda... 
So let's do a recap really quick tonight.
Monday, broken door handle on my car, which I have finally named and sure it isn't funny but it made me giggle. I've finally named my car, Tina!
There she is, it's a pic from a different post, but whatever. You get the idea.  So how did I come up with the name Tina you ask?   That's easy, she has taken a beaten, has no straight panel on her and sings like shit at times.  Yes, that's it, she has been named after Tina Turner.  Tina Turner was awesome in Beyond Thunderdome, or I thought so anyway and though I never really listened to much of her music, Ike should not have beat her the way he did at times, sorry arse mofo!
So there ya have it, she has a name. I'm so proud of myself.

So where was I. 
broken door handle.
broken fingernail. Not the normal owchie that broke. Oh hell no, it broke so very low that the nerve was exposed under it and anyone with longish fingernails knows just how much that Effn sucks!
Broken toe.  Or what I thought was a broken toe.  Actually wasn't broken at all, I don't think, and is actually not so purple and not so painful today, Friday!
Mom tells me that they think she has breast cancer, kill me now
Mom's going to the Dr for her biopsy.  Kill me now!  We must wait until Tuesday for the results. They took a sample from her breast of course and under her arm.
Lookie it's Friday, I've recapped all the shittastic things from this week and sadly until they tell me something good on Tuesday it's going to be a shittastic weekend as well. I'm working all weekend and all week I've seen Mr Monkey Butt about 3 times and only briefly.  Here's to hoping tomorrow is another slow day for work and Mr Monkey Butt doesn't work too late. 
I've babbled enough and probably jinxed myself with that last sentence. 
Go figure,
Well Dingleberries, I hope you're Friday was good and your week was better than mine. I shall attempt to stay caught up this weekend, being as there isn't much else on the agenda. Sleep well for those still sleeping and have an awesome Saturday, check out my new posts and enjoy!


  1. Oh hun, this really wasn't your week, was it? I hope your mum doesn't have breast cancer... all other things seems so irrelevant comparing to this.

  2. Thanks Starlight. You're right at this point, none of that matters! All we can do is hope and hope all goes well with Mom <3


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