Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day 287, 365 days of 2011

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

Look at me go, I'm blogging on a Saturday. I managed to brang my computer with me on my weekend away again :)  I'm happy to be spending time with Mr Monkey Butt and we are planning to carve a pumpkin tomorrow!  It should be a lot of fun! 
I hope everyone had a wondermus Saturday!  We were playing around the house before coming down to see Mr. Monkey Butt. Dad brought in a dead dear, OMG I was shocked. Dad went hunting this morning after many a year of not doing so and didn't come back until he killed something I guess. Pretty yuck if you asked me, but Mom was having no part of chopping something called a back strap up,sooo that was my job!  lolz.  Very weird experience if you ask me!  Definitely a day to remember though.  We carved pumpkins with Nana and my niece. It was fun until the fits came and the fun ended!
Stay tuned for my next post on my series.
Here's to hoping tomorrow will be supah awesome for us and everyone else!
Goodnight Dingleberries!


  1. I had a wondermous Saturday. Got a letter of approval from unemployment saying my debit card is on the way! Yeah, it's party time, git dem dang windows painted now : )

  2. Thanks awesome Tim! ::happy dance::


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