Friday, April 22, 2011

Praise thee WOMAN!

That's right dearest bloggers. I'm onto a new goal.  Here is what I've done. I've created a new blog. It's all about women like us. Awesome, beautiful, not always given the praise we deserve!  So it's still in the works and to be honest, I've yet to even complete it.  It contains no postings as of  yet. I do have every intention of working on it as soon as possible. I've titled it "uncelebrated wench" and you can access it from my profile! 

As  I lay in my made up floor bed last night, attempting to sleep. It's hard to fall into sleepy land when there is an outside light shining through the open blinds. They are open because Princess aka Devil Cat, who also just so happens to be FEMALE enjoys tearing up the blinds so she can lay her, what is now, Fat butt on the window sill.  So I'm tossing and turning on the floor bed trying to sleep. Id created my new blog in attempt to gain some privacy with my blogging adventures. Well because it's incorporated into this blog I've learned it doesn't seem as safe and private as I thought it might be!  So that aside. My thoughts... I was laying there thinking, not only can this somehow be all about women, being as we are so awesome and all.  I could do some guesting and posting from all of you wonderfully lovely beautiful women I know!

This opportunity not only allows me to hear from you wonderful ladies. You can tell me whatever you want to tell me. Something that makes you different, some event in your life that made you sad or some asshat who in some way offended or hurt you. Whatever! I don't mind. I'm open to anything and everything you want to say or post. I'm trying to start this thang off with a bang. I'm also going to stalk down and work on this with folks who aren't on my blogger. So if you're interested. Let me know... I would love to hear from you. Lawd knows Ive shared with a few of you folks. 

What I want though is the picture of your choice, preferably of you. A story or whatever you want to send me.  :)  Email me at  ... I'm excited already!


  1. Lovely, I think that's a great idea!

  2. I bet you are glad you're all moved now! Take that vacation, even if it's just to chill : )


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