Friday, April 8, 2011

I've chosen my side

Dear You know who you are,

I don't agree with the way you act. The hurtful things you say. I will continue to love you and cherish you, because that is who I am. I will always be here and stand up for you. But today it seems I'm playing middle man.  To defend those I can for dearest. 

So what is one to do when two people she loves aren't playing nice? If they were children, you yell and discipline.  Sit them in the corner for time out and explain that the bad behaviour must stop.  Unfortunately we as adults don't have this choice with other adults. Grown ups aren't allowed to sit other grown ups, who are behaving like children down in the corner for time out!  Or do we? 

I'm torn with which side to choose?  To say that would be a lie.  I'm in fact not torn.  I know exactly which side I'm on this time.  It's not right to judge. Saying mean and hurtful things is not acceptable.  We are all grown ups here. I will stay on my side of choice until this battle goes a different way or ends.  That has yet to be seen.  Our world today doesn't allow such remarks as those made.  There is no call for it.  It's hurtful and on occasion could be unforgivable.  She said to me today, " I can understand his decision to wash his hands of the madness."  She understands his feelings now, regarding uncalled for remarks. As selfish and insensitive as I am, I'd never given much thought to other peoples feelings. 

I found myself being insensitive, bitchy and out right grumpy today.  But as I seen those hurtful, spiteful, just straight up MEAN words in front of my face.  I couldn't take it anymore.  I couldn't sit and allow this dirty laundry to be aired for all those who aren't involved to see. I didn't care for it. It was uncalled for. Unnecessary and well, just UNACCEPTABLE.  Out of pure anger and disgust I deleted these remarks. I erased them from the view of others.  I didn't agree and will not agree with the behaviour anymore! 

I can understand being upset. I too found my moments of being upset. But I'd never say mean and hateful things to the person I love.  I'd never act that way. Grown Ups make their own decisions; right or wrong. Grown ups are allowed to grow and make their own mistakes.  Leave it at that!  GROW UP! Let it go! Drop the BULLSHIT!  Because frankly it isn't RIGHT!  I will not agree. I will stand on the other side this time. Because it's HER LIFE!


  1. It isn't always a matter of agreeing or disagreeing on a matter, but more of a mutual respect and acceptance that we as people are who we are, and we will inevitably do what we want. People will always have their opinions on matters of the mind and heart, some agreements and disagreements are sure to be had, but out of love and mutual respect surely will come understanding...eventually. *huggs*
    That was some serious Dr. Laura shit, huh?

  2. Some serious Dr Laura shit huney! *hugs*

  3. I don't know what this is about but I know how it is to be between two people fighting. It's hard especially if you love them both. I hope things will be better soon and you won't be torn apart anymore.

  4. I don't know what this is about either, however it is always better to let your feelings out and let it go. There is way too much hate in this world.


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