Saturday, April 9, 2011

Days 94 & 95, 365 days of 2011

Friday, April 8th, 2011

Forgive me my readers for being so vague yesterday in my posting My Choice .  Unfortunately here lately I regret the fact that my blog is somewhat public. I have friends and family that can wander into my readers, regrettably I made it this way.  I don't think either party will venture this far with my blogging, but better safe than sorry. I did have a nice chat with one side and it wasn't very pleasant. But right now I think it's just best to let it settle. I've said all I can say and unfortunately somethings will never change. Thank you all for the kind words and again, sorry for the vagueness. If I ever create a not so public blog, lawd help those around me.  hahaha... Although I don't think I'd ever name drop or anything. *hugs*

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

I can tell my pictures are dark these last 2 days. The damn 3 way light bulb blew one of its ways and just isn't bright enough. If I wasn't so forgetful Id pick up some new bulbs while at the store, but of course. I am forgetful!  There are actually quite a few different style bulbs I need to pick up for the apartment *grumbles* . Anyways, lets talk about today. Today was nice. The weather was awesome and aside the weird occurrence that I seemed to swell up like a big fat hot air balloon today when we ventured out to the park and the MOUNT EVEREST on my lip.  The kids were driving me absolutely bonkers today as was the swelling and mountain on my lip.  Go figure.  Kroger doesn't sell the meat I was looking for.  I was hopeful, after watching Man vs Food today. that guy at 5lbs of Philly Cheese steak.  My daughter and I were hoping to munch on a Philly Cheese steak today. Thanks a lot Kroger for sucking so very much and not having what I wanted!  Bastards!  :)  So it was a hawtdog kinda night.  They were nasty, but aren't they always?!! 

So I leave you with that dear bloggers, readers and followers. I shall post some more randomness for tomorrow. I think I offered my cousin, who is seeking ways to earn money for a concert in Florida this year, 20 bucks to warsh my car. She's so silly, thought I was going to pay her in deer antlers.  I love my family. Goodnight I'm off to chase my daughter to bed, AGAIN.. It's after 11 pm and I've chased her probably 15348763292 times tonight. Its...AWESOME!


  1. I have family and friends from work the read my blog so I try to keep it from getting too personal as people read into something the way thet they interpret it. Think I mis-spelled that but I'm too lazy today to search.

    I've had someone try to get me in trouble at work for letters to the editor of the local newspaper. I wrote it, I signed it for the whole world to see and have no regrets about that.

    The 1st amendment protects my right to free speech and I would sue the pants off anyone that I knew was trying to suppress my voice and my constitutional freedoms.

    The person that tried to get me in trouble didn't have the Huevos to man up, they did it anonymously. Chicken shit!

    Something I've learned over the years of the internet is never post anything you don't want every one to know as some nut job out there will copy and paste it, print it out to try and hurt you! In my case it was two years after I wrote the editoial to the paper.

    Even the city council president that the editorial was about told me that whoever saved that article so long has to be some kind of socialpath nut case. Peace

  2. I hope my readers will let me know if I cross a line anywhere, lol, don't wanna get in trouble. :)


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