Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 102 & 103, 365 days of 2011

Saturday, April 16th, 2011
Well it took me about 15 tries to get  a picture that didn't suck!  Nothing unusual there. I thought about it, and well it always takes me a few takes to get a good one, but I've yet to get one I absolutely love.  Anyone else do that when you do self portraits and attempt it like a million times to get one that passes the test?  Oh well.  It was a busy day. I got up early and took off, after my coffee, to get the storage building all lined up and ready for me to bring my stuff in.  Score, that task is done. Now for me to not forget about reserving a U-haul.   I took care of all of that and went to my Mom's house for a little while.  My Mom wasn't home, but I hung out with my Dad for a while. That was fun. We can both just sit and watch a re-run and be happy. Mom hates this, re-runs that is. She can't stand it.  I guess Dad might have inspired me to watch a good movie rather than watching one I've never seen that the reviews are not too good and the information on it doesn't seem very good either. But whatever.  I guess we're just weird.  Left my Mom's house and ran off to hang out with Mr. Back in My Life.  It was nice to see an old face, a face of a friend I always enjoyed talking to. We hung out for a while, he played his musical instruments for a few and we chatted about whatever and what's been going on. Checked out his car and well just kinda sat and caught up with how life has been.  It was nice.  It's always nice to visit with people you haven't seen in a lifetime or longer and just play catchup.  Raced home from that adventure, late as always, got myself dressed and ready to run off to my cousins husbands birthday party. Had a few drinks. Hung out with some awesome family members. Always great times! 

Sunday, April 17th, 2011
Another day at home today. Not that it's a bad thing. I have so very much I can be doing here, so it was good for me to hang around here today. Wanted to run out and see friends again, but knew that wouldn't get these things done around here. I got the laundry done, all of it. Got the floors moped! What was that in the bathroom floor? I've still not determined. It's gone now though.  Made the bed, which includes changing the sheets. Vacuumed the floors in the living room. Dearest Rhino, Pokeys Guinea Pig, makes a huge mess with the bedding stuff that goes in his cage.  Fed all the animals and well packed a few boxes.  Pokeys room seems to be just about done.  I've started on the kitchen and well I'm sure there are plenty of other places I need to start working on.  Packing and moving is weird when you have to sort and separate and figure what goes where and with who. It's more of a pain in the arse than anything. The Mr. of the Apartment looks like he is a lot closer to moving than I am.  Well actually he is moving before I am, but still.  He still has to work on the kitchen as well. It appears as though we are both saving that for last or something. I'm not entirely sure! Guess I'm thinking I might need that plate or glass before the end of the week.   Guess when I hit Kroger tomorrow I need to get the throw away plates and cups or something. Guess I can finish off the kitchen then.  Did I mention I HATE MOVING!???!

Well dear readers, followers and fellow bloggers. I'm off to Facebook land and to see what bad news Fox 5 has to tell me today!!  Have an awesome time. Cya tomorrow!  Oh no fair, tomorrow is MONDAY? BOOOOOOOO FOR MONDAYS!


  1. Moving sucks more than just about anything else on the planet. I truly feel your pain.

  2. Wow you have been busy. I got all my chores done on Sunday and am going to be lazy today. Glad you got to have had some fun in the course of all you have to do.

  3. My Dad and I used to sit and watch TV a lot. I love reruns if there's nothing else on I could watch a MASH or Sienfeld rerun for the 100th time.

    Funny, even after I was grown and moved out of the house, my Dad still used to sit and watch cartoons on Saturdays : ) I believe I'll be the same way!


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