Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 105, 365 days of 2011

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011
Pretty good day today!  Stayed pretty busy at work, no complaints!  Before the picture you see over there on the left, we had fun at walmart!  Yes.  You know how fun it is a WALMART!  Uggghhhhh. I came out of there spending more money that I had planned, came home with nicotine patches, Gulliver's Travels and of course Pokey got her M&M's and Coca Cola. My child really isn't spoiled at all.  No way!!!  Here see a picture below of her fun times at Walmart!  Oh and she got a huge ball, which she is probably laying in bed rolling around on. *shrugs* Go figure!

My Hula Hoop Princess!  :)  She had fun and she's so good at it!  :)  (Just glad she didn't make me buy it! 

After all the adventures of Walmart, we came home. Which is where my picture above was posted and this is what I get from her! 
She's rolling her eyes she says!  Homework time... hahahah.. Yes!  she loves it as much as we all did when we were in 1st grade ya know!  She had a blast on her field trip and the bothersome snot and terribly empty sounding cough was gone and done by the end of the day!  Whewt Whewt!  Great day peeps. Fingers crossed for being on time tomorrow!  I've a billion and one things to do online tonight and am only starting. Late night... Oh hey!  Pokey made honor roll again!  yayyyys! 


  1. Congradulations to Pokey for making honor roll!

    Today I have a long ride to go pay my last respects to Bob. My niece Joanne, being like my little sister for so long may make this tough, even though his battle with cancer has been a long one with no cure. I have to stay strong and let her know I'm here any time or day if she needs to talk.

    I can tell from reading your blog that your life revolves around Pokey, that's a good thing. So many kids today don't get that attention at home or outside the home. Kudos to her Mom!

  2. Pokey is my reason for existing, I try to be her good mommy! :) Thanks! Safe trip, in case I hadn't told you 15 times already. gagag :)


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