Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Full Plate Part 1: Episode 1.1

Baby Shower!!

So I blogged a little yesterday about the upcoming shower. I'm excited to report, though terribly behind and feeling a wee bit overwhelmed, still.
I've managed to nail down two of my crafts for the shower.
Working on a baby cake and waiting on some tags for the jar.
Check em out.
ps.  Pinterest is pretty much AWESOME.

A little note for baby Lou.

and a little jar that I plan to finish filling with a sugar hand scrub as a little souvenir for all of the guest.
I rock.
I know!

-Hang in there! 


  1. Looks good! You gonna play the dirty diaper game? I've only ever got forced into going to one shower, and that's all I remember from it, except for "pin the weenie on the donkey"...

  2. We men are seldom invited to baby showers so I can only imagine what you ladies do when you get together.


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