Sunday, July 27, 2014

Full Plate Part 1: Episode 1.2

Happy MONkeyDay my dear Dingleberries.
It's been a weekend, and OMG what a weekend! 
But the good news, this post right here shall commence Full Plate Part 1 and we will soon be moving into Part 2.
You're excited I know! 

So I'd love to go into everything that I've been up to today, but I fear as though it would take away from this post, so I just won't. If we are friends on facebook, you already know what I've been up to today!

So... I  started this post last MONkeyDay and as you can tell, I didn't quite finish this one up. So for those on the edge of their seats waiting for the conclusion..
I'm going to fling this poo tonight.
So sit back and enjoy a few photos

My gift to the Mama To Be for the lil fella coming into the world,

and after

Not too shabby right?  I guess I gots some mad skills

My gift for the guests :)

It's a sugar scrub, you're not posta eat it!  Never figured out exactly why though. It's just sugar, veggie oil and some vanilla?  Any takers??

Found a really cute idea for story book foods. This was pretty fun and definitely a must try again!

Guess I had some baby shower skills after all.
Can't wait to meet the lil guy and thanks everyone for taking the time to check out my crazy life :)

-Hang in there my Dingleberries!


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