Monday, July 14, 2014

Full plate Part 1: episode one


I've mentioned in my last post, among other things, that baby shower for Sissy MB was on my list of MUST DO!

You would not believe how incredibly overwhelming and time consuming and  
 it is to plan, not only a baby shower but crafts for Bible School all the while finding out that not only did you plan the shower on the same day as
  1.  early registration for said Bible School. BUT
  2.  Mr MB has also neglected to mention this is also the same day  as the nephews THIRTEENTH BIRTHDAY!  Ahhhhh a major milestone and guess who won't be there!! 

So all of that being said and out there. The baby shower, though stressful, is also pretty fun.  I remember being the host of her first baby shower, TEN years ago.  WE didn't do any of these new fun ideas that they have these days.  I'm sure they had these ideas ten years ago, bbuuuuut I didn't do them. I should have done them.
I'm doing them this year:
  • Cute little party favors, 
  • cheesy little games for everyone.
  • I've invited friends and family.
  • It's going to be quite the shindig!
I'm pretty excited! But it's back to work!! 

-Hang in there!!



  1. Please take lots of pictures so we can share the fun.

  2. Busy busy! Hope everything goes great!

  3. The ladies at the school where I work held a baby shower for one of our teachers who was pregnant (a baby shower for someone who wasn't pregnant or had an infant probably wouldn't make much sense).
    I was the only man there and, as such, felt like a turd in a punch bowl.
    Oh my, that's an unfortunate analogy.
    Okay, I was the turd in the punch bowl who brought the beer.
    I woulda brought strippers but they didn't think that was such a good idea.

    1. Turd in the punch bowl, I'm rolling on the floor laughing!! Thank you for that and I actually thought about inviting the mens to the event as well. That was Xed pretty quickly by my sister. haha

    2. They told me they would have felt guilty had they NOT invited me. I told them that was silly; I wouldn't want to go to Tupperware Parties, either.
      The beer was good, though.


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