Thursday, May 17, 2018

I'm moving

Well, my dearest dingleberries..
I've all but abandoned this site. I dont know if its the fact that I don't make the time to log in or what exactly I'm doing with my life, well other than raising my children. I can't say that I regret not checking more often, but it pains me and well ... I just don't know if I belong here anymore. I miss you all dearly tho 
This page, it holds  alot of my life.. a lot of the life i led before I became renewed in my faith of Jesus Christ.  

It's with sadness that I will continue not to post here on this page. But I pray some of you will follow me to my other page. 

I'm moving MB love to one of my other pages, if you're savvy you can find it from my profile, it's titled One Monkey's Testimony.. It's also on blogger and I'll share a link for it
here >>> <<<

I pray some of you will follow along,  my faith is strong and has been getting so much stronger. I feel like I'm being led in a way to share it with the world. 

I pray you're all well and hope to see you later. I will hopefully be writing daily, so I will hopefully be reading posts for those that I already follow and are still posting.

Love always ..
-Monkey Butt


  1. That's cool, my friend. Already linked to the other site. As you've seen, my own place now has two faith based posts a week, and a lot more of the in-between stuff can tend that direction too. I'm excited to see what your new focus will be like, especially with the classes you'll be taking! God is good...

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