Sunday, November 26, 2017

Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday y'all, I've got a lot going  on in my head these last few days.  Figured I'd drop in and see how everyone's Thanksgiving went?  
It was good here, other than the stomach bug we picked up.  So far it's only hit the twins, praying it stops there. No one likes a stomach bug, or anything that comes with it.  

I blew the dust of the ole lap top tonight, needed to upload some photos and the likes, goodness knows I need to use that option more often since the icloud hates me and I refuse to use it.  haha.

As you can tell holidays have been in full force around here, I tried to get the kids to pick fall colors out of multicolored food sprinkles... This is the face for asking such things, teenagers yo.

Our neked tree, its decorated now. Just no picture on file yet. I had a bit of a fit the other day when we were to go to the tree farm and pick out a tree. I had all these magical ideas of getting us all together and taking a nice photo and this and that, which is absurd I know, I mean there are six of us now.  Well I didn't get out of the car and the family is already headed back to the van telling me that they're too expensive. I went home in full sulk mode.  Sent the husband and teenager to our kroger today to get one of their affordable ones.  Oh well .

I hope you are all well ... 

My granny with my twins.  Love all three of them so much, so blessed to have her and that my kids have her. 
And mostly, this...  On this day, five years ago my mom took her last breaths here on earth. The details of that night have resonated with me since. Some days I'm better at forgetting what it looks like or sounds like, but this week has been a challenge for me. I'm not dropping this in last to leave a sour taste. I thank God for taking her that night, she'd gone through so much, cancer really sucks man.  There was so much bad in losing my Mama MB, but there was so much good too.  I miss her, daily, all the time, forever.  I'm thankful for her, for the time we had with her, though not long enough. It was just what we needed, I guess,. She really left her mark, on her family. 

I found a Christmas card tonight too from a friend who passed away last year, my dear friend Tim.  Sometimes the holidays can be the worst for these things. 

I'm thankful for you guys and gals, my Dingleberries.  I'm glad to have this place to come and ramble on and none of you judge me, well at least not publicly. 

Hang in there friends... 

Much Love from your friendly
Monkey Butt


  1. Haven't put up a tree in a long time. Haven't gotten any deco out yet, either. Alas, maybe this weekend...

  2. I often think about you, one of the first to follow my blog. I also lost my mother, last Christmas Eve. But life goes on even though some of our loved ones are gone.

  3. I remember the first tree I bought. Looked a lot smaller on the lot... :D

  4. Big hugs, D! Thank you for posting your thoughts on your Mama MB. Five years can feel like an eternity or just a few days. xx

  5. My Thanksgiving went better than I expected, considering the craziness going on. Ate too much and drank too much (but, it was Michelob Ultra which my daughter called 'water.' Sigh...millenials).
    Unrelated....I don't really understand what the "cloud" is, exactly. Aside from the meteorological aspect, that is.


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