Saturday, December 13, 2014

Life is ... sunny

The sun came out today (and I'm not talking about myself) and it was GLORIOUS. There was a buzz in the air that you only read about, or hear about in movies. It was spectacular and a good reminder that I seriously cannot wait until summer (heck I'll even take spring at this point) comes back around.    It's December, in Georgia.  For those of you who are or have ever been to the state of Georgia. I am pretty sure that mother nature here is seriously bi-polar.  It's no joke.  It was like 70 today and I'm pretty sure it's freezing outside now!  But like I said, that's pretty normal here!

Weather aside, lets get back to today.

Today was good, saw some friends, spent a little time away from the chirrens. I love those kids, but sometimes, I think I love them too much. I want to keep them with me, like all the time.  I think sometimes I just have to let them be .... with someone else for a bit.  It's not always good with my anxiety, but it was nice today.

Between the weather and the people and the family and kids and pizza. Man today was great.

I know you guys worry about me sometimes, but I think I'm going to be OK. For  a little while longer anyway. Thanks dear Dingleberries ... For hanging in there. I know I say that all the time, but I mean it.  hahah...  You guys still rawk,

So yea, life is weird and things aren't always perfect ... But there are always means and ways to find something perfect to set your eyes on ... For a while.  Distractions are great.  :)

Maybe Christmas won't be so bad this year, just maybe.

-Hang in there


  1. Glad to hear you so upbeat. Maybe this will be the Christmas you've been waiting for. Take care.

    1. Awe thanks Stephen :) I'm not ready for Christmas and it's twn days away..Eeep

  2. Pennsylvania psyches you out. You don't mind the weather in December, because it's near Christmas and it's SUPPOSED to be this way. Then comes January and you realize, "Great Googli Moogli, it's freezing out! When's Spring coming back?"
    More than two months, my friend, more than two months.

    1. Exactly!! see, you know what I'm talking about. Stupid winter

  3. Weather? In Georgia? My wedding day, so long ago, it was 75 degrees- in February. One year later, we had one of the worst blizzards I can remember and damn near didn't make it home alive. I'd take Georgia.

  4. Sounds like you're hanging in there, pretty good.

    Cool beans.


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